Image Credit: Taylor Hill/WireImage.comHow did celebrities ever respond to controversy before Twitter? The latest celeb to tackle a big issue on the micro-blogging site is Adam Lambert, who tweeted a response this afternoon to complaints made by a Malaysian opposition group leading up to his scheduled Thursday night performance.

The Pan Malaysian Islamic Party recently called for the cancellation of Lambert’s concert in the country, saying he and his show promoted “gay culture,” according to reports. Lambert responded today, tweeting: “While I don’t believe that my glamnation tour is in any way offensive I have agreed to make a few minor adjustments out of respect for the Malaysian government.”

He followed up his (rather mild) response with:

Lambert is no stranger to criticism here in the States, either. Last year, his racy performance on the American Music Awards — in which he simulated a sex act on stage — resulted in backlash from the FCC and the network. (He later kind of apologized for the incident.)

Keeping in mind Lambert’s tendency to push the envelope, do you think he can hold himself back enough to please the group opposing his concert? Should he have to? Sound off, Mixers!

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