Talk about a high concept. James Franco and Danny McBride are breaking out the bongs once more for another David Gordon Green joint. The Pineapple Express stars and director appeared at New York Comic Con yesterday to discuss and show footage from their upcoming stoner comedy Your Highness, about a pair of princes, one a deadbeat smoker of “wizard’s weed” (McBride), the other his more knightly brother (Franco) . They are sent on a quest to save Zooey Deschanel from the clutches of an evil wizard, and Natalie Portman also stars as the warrior princess who is McBride’s love interest.

From what was shown, it looks to be something like The Princess Bride after a couple of harsh tokes. Green explained the genesis of the idea came on the set of a decidedly more serious movie, the indie All the Real Girls, which he made with McBride in 2003. Back then they said that if the two of them ever made it big they would somehow convince a studio to make this movie. Seven years later, and, voila!

While the premise is more conceptual than that of Pineapple Express, it looks like the comedy will have a similar improvisatory feel. “Despite all the spectacle and the action we have in this movie,” Franco told the packed IGN Theater. “[Green] does create a space for the actors to just discover stuff on the set.” While he was there, Franco also answered some questions about his other work, including the origin of his much-discussed stint on General Hospital. “I was talking to an artist friend of mine and we were talking about soap operas and somehow it came up, ‘Well, what if I actually did one?'” explained Franco. “So we approached General Hospital.” He also joked about the perception that he appears to be working on approximately 3.5 million different projects at once, quipping, “This is actually James’ brother.”

Overall, the Comic Con crowd seemed to like what they saw. What do you think, PopWatchers? Does this news give you the munchies for Your Highness?