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Image Credit: Jeffrey Ufberg/WireImage.comSure, go ahead and complete that double-take, but you did read that headline correctly: This winter, Justin Bieber will launch his very own line of nail polishes, according to AOL’s Stylelist blog. The polishes will come via well-regarded brand Nicole for OPI and—shocker of all shockers—they’ll be both largely primary colors and filled with glitter! As far as we here at EW can tell, the polishes are intended for little girls, but little boys are welcome to try them, too. (In fact, we here at EW expressly encourage little boys to try them out.)

It may be hard to imagine, but this news gets better: The venture will play off his numerous hits, as the line is to be titled the One Less Lonely Girl collection (named after the song of the same name), with the colors similarly named, ranging from One Less Lonely Glitter (lavender) and Give Me The First Dance (silver) to Prized Possession Purple (grape) and Me + Blue (Dark Blue). Because of the ridiculousness of it all, it’s worth noting the final two colors: OMB! (bright red) and Step 2 the Beat of My Heart (heart-shaped glitter).

Is it possible that this news is just Bieber’s elaborate plan — as my colleague Clark Collis postulated last week — to laugh at us all when he launches his hosting gig on MTV’s revived Punk’d? We probably aren’t that lucky. This is real, folks—a teenage boy has launched a collection of nail polishes, solely to take financial advantage of his fanbase, which has a voracious appetite for anything emblazoned with his name. The line hits Wal-Mart come December—just in time for holiday shopping—and will spread like an infectious Bieber tune to Target and Sears by February.

PopWatchers, a few questions: Are you shocked by this news? Will you possibly purchase any of the One Less Lonely Girl collection for yourself or a tween that you know? Are you, like me, salivating at the possibility of spotting Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber sporting his signature polish? Sound off in the comments below!

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