The full-length trailer for Ron Howard’s The Dilemma will be shorn clean of its bizarre “electric cars are gay” scene, a rep from Universal has confirmed to EW. It’s not yet known whether the lines in question will remain in the movie, which is still in postproduction and due for release Jan. 14. Criticism of the trailer hit a high when CNN anchor Anderson Cooper set it in opposition to the anti-bullying initiatives CNN and other networks have adopted since the highly-publicized suicide of a gay Rutgers student last week. The teaser trailer “was not intended to cause anyone discomfort,” according to a statement the studio sent out today. (See the original trailer embedded after the jump.)

In the scene, Vince Vaughn’s character elucidates two forms of “gay”: homosexual gay and an entirely different, uncool form of gay typically associated with the electric cars he’s promoting. He goes on to clarify electric-car gay as “my-parents-are-chaperoning-the-dance gay.” Meanwhile, the actors playing executives nod at their roundtable as if Vaughn isn’t stringing nonsense words together.

A studio insider told they’d shared the original trailer with organizations like GLAAD, and no one initially expressed any objections with the scenes. However, GLAAD has released a statement, saying they “expressed these concerns directly to Universal Pictures prior to the trailer’s release.”

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