Former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez began his tour of contrition at Good Morning America earlier today, admitting to George Stephanopoulos from the outset: “I screwed up.” Sanchez was, of course, referring to the situation where he was fired last week after calling Comedy Central host Jon Stewart a “bigot” and insinuating that his bosses at CNN were part of a Jewish group controlling the media. “First of all, that is not what I meant,” he continued. “Second of all, I apologize and it was wrong for me to be so careless and so inartful. But it happened and I can’t take it back and, you know what, now I have to stand up and be responsible.”

Sanchez’s explanation for everything? He said he was fatigued and had a “chip on his shoulder” about discrimination. Sanchez also revealed that he called Stewart on Monday to apologize (“Why do you always pick on me?” he also asked Stewart) and said that he’d return to CNN in light of the comments by Time-Warner Chairman Jeff Bewkes, who said that he might “someday” come back to CNN or one of the media conglomerate’s other channels. Watch the full Good Morning America interview here:

Do you feel any different about Sanchez now that you’ve seen this interview?

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