Miley Cyrus‘ evolution into a pop-dance diva continues with the debut of the sexy new video for “Who Owns My Heart,” the latest single from her most recent album Can’t Be Tamed. Just like the perplexing lyrics in the song (“Who owns my heart? Is it love or is it art?”), the dancey, vampy video makes little effort to string together a storyline beyond Miley waking up in a bed, heading to the club to gyrate (complete with a head of crimped hair, scandalously low-cut gold lamé top, and lots of bangles), and then head back home. Truly, the theme of this video could be: hair! There’s a lot of it flying around! There’s almost a rave-y vibe to the whole thing, too. But who’s complaining? Not us! It’s fun! And really sultry! What more could you want? This song is a pulsy, possibly club-ready jam that deserves single status—and a frothy fun video like this, too. Catch the whole thumpa-thumpa deliciousness after the jump:

What’d ya think? Are you ready for Miley to “Own Your Heart”? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below.

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