Plus, James Bond heads to 'Chuck,' and '30 Rock' scores John Slattery

By Michael Ausiello
October 08, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

Can the Munsters redo scare up Kristen Bell?
Talk about putting the Vania before Transyl: NBC and Pushing Daisies mastermind Bryan Fuller are in the very early stages of developing a reboot of the creepshow classic The Munsters, but a fervent fan movement is already under way to get Kristen Bell cast as Marilyn. And one of those fans is Fuller himself! ”Are you kidding me?” he enthuses of the Veronica Mars powerhouse. ”Kristen would be perfect.”

Coincidentally, Fuller says the Munster clan’s ”plain” cousin will be much more pivotal than she was in the ’60s original. ”She is our eyes into the world,” he explains, ”in the sense that we all can relate to our families exhibiting some level of monstrous behavior.” (Also enjoying more screen time: Eddie’s pet dragon, Spot.)

Fuller plans to fashion his Munsters update as a cross between Modern Family and True Blood. ”This version has teeth and isn’t afraid to use them,” he says with a laugh. ”For example, the story begins when young Eddie unexpectedly manifests as a werewolf on a scout camping trip and inadvertently eats two of his fellow scouts.” Sounds delicious.


First Look: James Bond on Chuck!
Chuck co-creator Josh Schwartz wants to make one thing very clear about Timothy Dalton’s upcoming arc on the show: He’s not playing James Bond. Far from it, in fact. ”It’s not the kind of character you’d [expect] him to play,” he teases of the actor, who premieres in the Nov. 1 episode. ”There’s nothing suave or debonair about him.” Although Schwartz is reluctant to reveal too many more details about the role, he does confirm that Dalton’s alter ego shares a past with Chuck’s mother (played by Terminator badass Linda Hamilton). ”They’ve known each other for a long time.” Dalton is on board for a handful of episodes — a run that could easily be extended should NBC greenlight additional episodes of Chuck beyond the initial order of 13. Is Schwartz optimistic his underdog spy comedy will carry on? ”NBC is really happy with it creatively,” Schwartz says. ”This is Chuck. We never say die.”

30 Rock elects Mad Man Slattery
Tina Fey must really like Mad Men. I say this because the 30 Rock Emmy winner — who wisely finds every opportunity to work Mad leading man Jon Hamm into the show — has now tapped his costar John Slattery to guest-star. Slattery will play a candidate running for Congress in a November episode.

Is Glee going back in time?
Glee is looking for 5-year-old actors to play kiddie versions of Puck, Santana, Rachel, Brittany, and Mercedes in this season’s seventh episode. My theory: The Fox hit is either flashing back or doing a Muppet Babies tribute.