Superheroes and hockey seem to have nothing to do with each other…possibly because they have nothing to do with each other. That’s all going to change: According to Variety, comic book legend and cameo superstar Stan Lee is creating 30 new superheroes based on NHL franchises. The superheroes will debut during January’s All-Star game, and will be cross-promoted across several platforms (TV, movies, books, Jumbotrons). Each superhero is based on a team’s mascot or their city, so the Anaheim Ducks’ hero “wears a wet suit and wields a spear while riding a surfboard.” (He’s from California, get it?) This utterly surreal news can’t help but make you wonder: Can superheroes sell hockey? Can hockey sell superheroes? And is Stan Lee just cashing in on his legacy?

Trying to launch a new mega-franchise from scratch is always a dicey proposition, especially when you consider that Lee hasn’t really created anything new and memorable in…well, a long time. (Unless you count Stripperella.) Still, I find myself hoping that this will take off, just because I really would love to see a comic book universe made up entirely of superheroes based on professional teams. Just think of the possibilities! The 49ers could have an ornery time-tossed prospector, with superpowered golden fists! The Lakers could have a wizard who controls water and no one likes him because he’s so full of himself! The Giants could have…a Giant. With lightning powers!

PopWatchers, how do you feel about the NHL superheroes?