Image Credit: Armando Gallo/Retna Ltd; John Kobal Foundation/Getty ImagesRobert Downey Jr. and Steve McQueen? Sounds like a dream pair to us, even though the late Hollywood legend hasn’t been around for 30 years. But RDJ has figured out a way to pull it off anyway: He’ll produce and star in Yucatan, a movie based on an original idea by McQueen.

The movie will follow a “renegade deep-sea salvage expert” who is hired to steal a treasure that’s been stashed underwater in Mexico. In a weird parallel, the movie itself came from hidden treasure of sorts: an old trunk discovered by McQueen’s son. Inside, the Great Escape star had stashed hundreds of pages of notes on the project before his death in 1980.

The idea gives us a kind of Wet-n-Wild National Treasure vibe — in a good way. And since the project was conceived in the 60s, is it too much to hope for a cool, retro look for it? Like, RDJ in an old-timey, metal scuba contraption, plunging into the black depths of the ocean without any computers to guide the way?

What do you think, PopWatchers: Could Yucatan make a splash? Or does it sound all wet to you?

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