By Jeff Probst
Updated October 07, 2010 at 11:03 AM EDT

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Jimmy T: (To Marty) “You preppy little bitch. You wouldn’t last a minute in my world.”

You knew it was only a matter of time. Jimmy T wasn’t ever long for this game. I wonder if he understands why he was voted out? Does he realize the reason he was voted out is because it’s very difficult to be around him?

Jimmy T: “And I’m easy to get along with… I think.”

Hmm. Maybe not. Jimmy T, I know you mean well, I really do. You have a great spirit, but dude, you are tough to get along with. You were tough for me and I wasn’t living with you.

Had you been a major force in challenges, it certainly would have made you easier to tolerate, but it wouldn’t change the fact that it’s your inability to just listen… to just be….that really got you trouble.

INSIGHT: In case you are not aware, Jimmy T entered a Sears contest in which people applied online to be on the show. He won the Sears contest, so clearly a lot of people voted for him to be on the show. We were delighted he won, he’s a fantastic character. He was open with his opinions, he gave colorful interviews, and the sound of his voice and his look were quite memorable.

But still, I couldn’t do it. I just wouldn’t be able to do it. I would have voted him out too. This is yet another reason why Survivor is so difficult. It tests you on every level and your truth always comes out.

Consider the dilemma that the older tribe is facing. They have a major obstacle in Dan. Dan is of no use in any challenge and doesn’t do much around camp. But Dan isn’t a pain in the ass to live with. Dan is a pretty easy going guy and if he’s in your alliance he’ll vote whatever way you tell him to vote. In the world of Survivor this makes Dan more valuable than Jimmy T.

I’m a terrible analogy maker, but it doesn’t stop me … it would be like desperately not wanting a dog but being told you had to have one. No matter what dog you get, you know you will have to feed them, walk them, bathe them, etc.. but there is one choice you can make that will make a difference – you can choose between a dog who barks all day and a dog that doesn’t bark at all. Dan doesn’t bark. Jimmy T never stops.

That’s why Jimmy T is gone. He barks too much. There are so many life lessons offered up every week on this show. I really do find that I learn things about myself year in year out.

This season has forced me to go inward and study my own ego more than any season in recent memory.

Shannon, Jimmy T, Marty and Naonka have really caused me to consider my own annoying ego-driven traits. I often find myself wondering what I would do given the same situation. Would I behave any differently? How would I come across to the audience? Am I one of those “chuckleheads” Jimmy T referred to in his speech about Jimmy Johnson?

For all my criticism, I’m pretty sure I would have made the same moves as the older tribe has made. So why am I so annoyed with them as I write this? Well for one reason, I have a cramp. Hamstring. Right leg. My buddy told me to drink two ounces of pickle juice to get rid of it, so I did. Cramps still there. Now I’m wondering if he was putting me on.


Jane is one of the bright spots on her tribe. She “gets it” on a very basic level. She doesn’t hoot and holler screaming for attention, but she is definitely playing the game.

Another person I think is playing a pretty quiet but solid game is Sash.


Before the game started, we met with everybody just to check in with them. I boldly told Sash he would be the first person from his tribe to be voted off. Clearly I was wrong, as Sash seems to be pretty solid for the moment. He’s playing a very good social game. He pops in, checks to make sure the vote is going the way he thinks it should go and then he is gone. Doesn’t make for the most interesting character, but he’s safe for the moment anyway.


Just when I think all hope is lost… a Survivor miracle happens! Naonka finds the idol. Ya gotta love it, right?

Much like Jill did with Marty, Brenda practically gave the idol to Naonka by telling her where to look. Much like Marty did with Jill, Naonka took the information, found the idol and has no intention of sharing it with anybody.

Did it strike anybody else as odd that Brenda didn’t even really look for it? She just let Naonka find it. Am I missing something? Is this strategy? Do Jill and Brenda both feel it is better to not have the idol? It’s an interesting idea from a strategy point of view.

It really doesn’t matter if Naonka has the idol or not. You could give her immunity all the way to the end of the game. Wouldn’t matter. Naonka doesn’t understand a fundamental element of the game. In order to win, others must vote for you. It seems so basic but clearly it has escaped her thought process.

Naonka, at this point, has ZERO chance of winning the game. I don’t think she realizes that simply getting to the end is not the goal. Can she change? Absolutely. Could she become a hero and be forgiven? Absolutely. Do I think it will happen? Hang on, let me check my lottery ticket to see if I have a winner.

Nobody is going to vote for Naonka to win the million dollars, which, in another beautiful Survivor twist, makes Naonka a great person to take to the end.


Occasionally Marty makes a good move. Nominating Tyrone to be in charge of challenges was brilliant. I loved it. It pissed Jimmy T off, which is what Marty intended and provoked Jimmy T into another outburst that led to his ouster. Marty is definitely a very good pot stirrer. My only criticism is that he still doesn’t see the forest for the trees. Like I said earlier, I’d probably have made the same moves he did, but for different reasons. That’s the key difference. The reasoning behind the decisions. But Marty could still win the game. He is very well spoken and if he makes it to the merge with any kind of an alliance he could do very well.


Well, I have to give the older tribe credit. They practiced at camp for hours trying to figure out a way to communicate with each other. But at the end of the day, the performance of the older tribe was pretty pathetic. They seemed to have a good system but when it came to game time, they just fell apart.

To be clear, when the younger tribe won, the older tribe was nowhere close to finishing. It was a disaster.

By the way – to Tyrone and anybody else reading this, there is no such thing as 110%. It doesn’t exist. You can’t give “110%.” 100%. That’s all you can give.


That was petty. Picking on Tyrone for saying 110% — it’s petty. He’s just trying to motivate his tribe. I get the intention. The truth is, sometimes I just don’t have that much to write about so I just start picking on people for no good reason. Like the way Dan sits down. It’s petty to pick on him for something he can’t help. Watching him kneel down like the Tin Man from The Wizard Of Oz is actually quite charming. The guy is out there giving it his all and here I sit in my cozy little house with the rain pouring down making fun of him. It’s petty. But I still do it.


So what would you have done if you were Brenda and Chase shared the clue for an idol that you knew Naonka already had? Would you play along and not tell Chase that the idol had already been found? Or do you tell him the truth like Brenda did? It’s a tough spot. Two alliances. It’s a big risk to not tell Chase, but now that Chase knows, the chances are that everybody will know. Brenda made a big move. One that I think I would have made as well.

Once again, for all my criticism of everybody, the truth is… thus far, they seem to be playing a very smart game.

Chase said it best…

CHASE: ‘You really can’t trust anybody in this game, but sometimes you have to.”


They tried their best to rewrite history and convince themselves that they were much closer than they were in the challenge. But the real story of tribal council was the life lesson offered to Jimmy T.


Tribal council went much longer than we were able to air last night. It went for at least an hour and a half. I kept it going because Jimmy T was being given a real big dose of honesty by his tribemates.

There was some hard truth delivered to Jimmy T. I’m not sure if he took it to heart or not, but it’s rare when you get a group of people to tell you the absolute truth about how you are perceived. This group did that for Jimmy. It was a gift. They gave him the truth. I hope it landed.

It wasn’t ever going to save him from the vote. Even though a couple of them were starting to turn, I think it was too late for the majority. They’d simply had enough.

Maybe that’s what Jimmy T will take from Survivor – the life lesson that sometimes perception is reality.

Truth is, we’ll miss Jimmy T. It’s easy to complain about his non-stop bragging and annoying habits but that’s what made him so much fun to watch. He’s the guy you love to hate.

I’m so glad I’m the host and not a contestant.

See ya next week.

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