Lifetime really is working on a reality show about Russian-American Brooklyn neighborhood Brighton Beach, a source at the show has confirmed to It’s coming to your TV sometime next year — or just as soon as Marlon Wayans and Jared Leto from Requiem for a Dream drop it off at your house! Old ladies like Ellen Burstyn in that movie are clutching their curls and murmuring, I’m gonna be on television!

Unlike MTV’s Jersey Shore, Brighton Beach will feature a multi-generational cast in order to appeal to a Lifetime-y demographic. The show will follow several families and center around a popular nightclub.

I’m down for this series — Brighton Beach is fascinating (particularly its grocery stores, which are brimming with hidden gems), and I wanted the dance party scene in the Brighton Beach episode of Bored to Death (“The Case of the Lonely White Dove”) to last a few more hundred vodka shots. What about you?