In the disgusting PopWatch news, there is a new iPhone charger for people looking to add some…internal organs to their mundane daily tech routines. Japanese designer Mio I-zawa created a pulsating iPhone charger fashioned to look like an umbilical cord. See the result after the jump: Personally, I don’t think “umbilical cord” when I look to charge up my iPhone, but to each their own. In the demonstration video, the iPhone rattles around when plugged into this twitching device, making me concerned that in one wild movement, my charging phone could fall off the table. Check the 0:20 second mark for a close-up showing the detail of the ‘skin’ — but first make sure you’re not eating.

Not surprisingly, this creepy umbilical cord charger was created by the people responsible for introducing the enlarging brain tumor computer CPU monitor to the world. Clearly, they have a knack in filling the void of unique tech items made to look like body parts. Not that I’m saying that’s a void that needed to be filled, but at least it’s a tremendous display of creativity.

I am a big fan of buying gag gifts for friends, but I think this is a bit too much. What do you think, PopWatchers? Is this a holiday gag gift must have, or the creepiest thing you’ve seen all day?