Image Credit: Andrew Eccles/ABC FamilyThanks to the ladies at Jezebel, there’s a petition to save ABC Family’s fat-camp teen drama Huge, which was canceled Monday. I’ve signed it — here’s why you should, too:

1. While larger folks have been showing up more on television lately — see Drop Dead Diva, Mike & Molly — they’re still far outnumbered by model-thin types. We can’t afford to lose any of them when they’re on even a decent show — and this was more than decent. Which brings us to …

2. With Greek on its way out and Ten Things I Hate About You gone, Huge represented the next great hope for the network’s tradition of realistic, witty, sensitive portrayals of teens. I enjoy watching Pretty Little Liars and Melissa and Joey, but they’re guilty pleasures. Huge was the real thing, no surprise since it came from My So-Called Life creator Winnie Holzman and her daughter, Savannah Dooley. Speaking of which …

3. It was ostensibly about kids at fat camp, and it tackled their problems as such with sensitivity but without condescension. It was funny and fun and heartbreaking, sometimes all in one scene. So many of the plots were fresh because it featured so much previously un-mined territory for TV: a black-market junkfood operation, a turf war with the athletic kids at a neighboring camp, the unexpected joy and pressure of being the thinnest girl at fat camp, the struggles of the formerly-overweight head counselor (the lovely Gina Torres) to stay thin.

4. It also tackled bunches of other teen drama stuff that had nothing to do with its weight issues: geeks versus cool kids, unrequited love, problematic parents. We have too many ridiculous teen dramas featuring ridiculously privileged, impossibly beautiful characters played by 30-year-olds and not enough with the quiet conviction to show the real problems of unvarnished young people.

5. The adorable cast. Nikki Blonsky, in particular, was nothing short of fearless (I will never forget her stripping-down-to-her-bathing-suit scene in the pilot) as angry-girl Will; Hayley Hasselhoff was a delight as hottest-camper Amber. I also developed a wicked (and borderline inappropriate) crush on Amber’s fitness-coach crush, George (original 90210 dad James Eckhouse’s son, Zander).

What do you say, PopWatchers? Will you sign the petition to save Huge?