Image Credit: CNNLooks like Rick Sanchez and Jon Stewart are BFF again. The freshly-fired CNN news anchor released a statement today apologizing to Stewart for calling him “a bigot” during an interview on a Sirius radio show last week. (You know, the same interview in which Sanchez claimed that the media was run by Jews.) In his statement, Sanchez says he’s “had a very good conversation with Jon Stewart, and I had the opportunity to apologize for my inartful comments from last week. I sincerely extend this apology to anyone else whom I may have offended.”

The apology comes two days after Stewart skewered Sanchez on The Daily Show with a devastating clip job comparing him to The Office’s doofus boss Michael Scott. Funny thing is, though, if you watch that Daily Show segment beyond The Office parody, it didn’t seem like Stewart was really all that upset with Sanchez. He graciously included other clips of Sanchez denouncing anti-Semitism (via the pretty easy target of a neo-Nazi lowlife criminal) and declared his belief that Sanchez was not himself a bigot. The real target of Stewart’s wrath seemed to be the sensationalistic media that blew up the whole story in the first place (sort of like what we’re doing now).

In any case, PopWatchers, we put the question of the day to you: Should Jon Stewart accept Sanchez’s apology?

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