Image Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos; Glenn Harris/PR PhotosThe news that pop megastar Justin Bieber might host a rebooted version of MTV’s hoax show Punk’d did not surprise me one jot. I have long suspected his entire career to be an elaborate practical joke being played on America by Ashton Kutcher. How else, after all, to explain Mr Bieber’s unfeasible success? Or, for that matter, his hair?

Here’s my theory: On the first episode of the new Punk’d, Kutcher will reveal that “Bieber” is really a fictional character who, for the past two years has been “played” by Bruce Willis. The Kutch and Bruce are always talking about how well they get along, and we know the Die Hard star enjoys a good laugh. Hell, just this week he demonstrated his willingness to wear a meat wig in the name of comedy. Sporting a “Justin Bieber” toupee wouldn’t be that much more embarrassing.

Kutcher will then pay a visit to every person in the country and declare “You got Punk’d!” Oh, will we have egg on our faces!

Yep. never mind I’m Still Here. I’m saying Kutcher has pulled off the media stunt of the century. Do you agree?

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