Image Credit: Charles Norfleet/PR Photos; Ryan Miller/Getty ImagesWhen Idris Elba hinted to the other day that he had a deal with Marvel, fans immediately linked the actor with Luke Cage, the Harlem-bred badass. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, Elba’s next encounter in Marvel’s superhero universe — after next year’s Thor — will be in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, playing an “alcoholic warrior monk,” (which, in my opinion, is the awesome title of some hypothetical movie I’d actually pay to see). Johnny Whitworth (Gamer) is also reportedly aboard to play a crook who makes a deal with the devil. I still envision Elba as the breathing incarnation of Luke Cage, but for now, the bruising Brit will have to settle with that other rage-filled Cage, the Ghost Rider himself, Nicolas.

Does Elba’s involvement in Ghost Rider make you more or less hopeful that a Luke Cage movie is around the corner?