Image Credit: awkwardfamilyphotos.comABC is turning Awkward Family Photos into a show. Read it again and let it sink in: ABC is turning the website (and subsequent book) Awkward Family Photos into a show. A scripted show! A comedy!

Look, the site is hilarious — and sometimes scary — and I’d probably watch a half-hour of just the photos going by, perhaps with the Ken Burns effect so they seem more “alive.” But how will this translate to a sitcom? Maybe it will be set in the ’80s at a photo developing store in a mall. Think of all the wacky hijinx, etc. Maybe it’ll be an anthology-style series, and each week is a brand new cast with a brand new story, all leading up to the taking of an awkward photo. Or maybe it’ll be about the staff at an Olan Mills type place, who take AFPs all day every day.

I’m just spitballing here, PopWatchers. How would you make a show out of Awkward Family Photos? [Variety]