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Question: I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed that it’s Cristina and Owen getting married in the Grey’s premiere and not Callie and Arizona. Will you make me feel better by giving us some Callie-Arizona scoop? —J

Ausiello: There’s a major Calzona development in the Oct. 28 episode, but a Grey’s source assures me that it’s not a turn for the worse. So don’t go barraging Shonda Rhimes with angry tweets. In the same episode, a camera crew invades Seattle Grace to film a documentary about the hospital’s recovery in the wake of the shooting rampage. In fact, the entire ep will be shot from the POV of the crew, so if shaky-cam makes you queasy you’d best pop a Dramamine before showtime.

Question: So sad to hear that you’re leaving EW! So, to cheer me up, any chance you could give me some Grey’s Anatomy scoop? —Mary

Ausiello: The sublime Amanda Foreman, who’s currently recurring on Parenthood, will guest-star in the aforementioned Oct. 28 episode as (I believe) a patient. This is also the episode that marks the return of Mandy Moore and Ryan Devlin. BTW, you’re not getting rid of me that quickly. I’m still here for a few more weeks—plenty of time to get me a really expensive farewell gift. (Registry info is forthcoming.)

Question: Good Wife scoop, please! —Cliff

Ausiello: Sounds like the show is breaking TV’s last taboo. No, not [blank], incest! A casting call has gone out for Molly, Cary’s beautiful 18-year-old cousin whom he is taking on a tour of the University of Chicago. During said tour, little Miss Molly makes it clear that she still has a crush on her older cuz. He, in turn, makes it clear that that’s gross he’s not interested. Perhaps they’re cousins once or twice or thrice removed? Or maybe they’re cousins in the way that, you know, Keri and I are cousins.

Question: What’s the poop, er, scoop on Elizabeth Reaser’s Good Wife character? —Tim

Ausiello: The scoop is … Alicia will probably get the urge to key her car. “She plays a sports writer, and she and Will develop sparks in a way that Will hasn’t with any other woman except Alicia,” explains exec producer Robert King. “We’re thrilled with [Elizabeth]. I’ve loved her since The Ex List. She’s doing an excellent job.”

Question: Could you please give us something good on Law & Order: SVU? —Kenleigh

Ausiello: I’m not sure this qualifies as good, but Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden is reprising her role as FBI agent Dana Lewis. But she’s not returning to work on a case. She’s returning to BE the case.

Question: Were you able to find out why Glee is casting miniature versions of Puck, Santana, Rachel, Brittany, and Mercedes? Are they doing a flashback? —Shelly

Ausiello: Nope. It’s a fantasy sequence. Or nightmare sequence if Sue’s the one doing the dreaming.

Question: You must give us some scoop on whether Darren Criss will be playing Kurt’s new love interest on Glee! —Ashley

Ausiello: That’s still TBD. All I know for certain is that they’ll be good friends.

Question: College applications are getting me down. Any news on Darren Criss’ Glee character to remotivate me? Is it too much to hope that he’ll be singing one of his own songs? —Sabrina

Ausiello: Sorry to add to your doldrums, but I do believe it’s too much to hope. But let me get confirmation of that from Criss himself. “Well, it really isn’t up to me,” shrugs the up-and-comer. “But even if it was, and as cool as that would be—personally, for me as an artist—I think it’s important to keep a bit of separation from the actors’ realities and the characters’ realities. For example, as much as I would love to geek out over Matthew Morrison singing “Passeggiata” from Light in the Piazza—or any of the Spring Awakening-turned-Glee kids doing a number from that show—it probably would shake the audience out of the world of McKinley High, or at least the Broadway fans of the show anyway. But hey, what’s best for the show is best for the show, and I trust the creators in their choice of music. If the time was right, and they ever approached me to have one of my songs used in the show, of course, I’d be absolutely thrilled.” Talented, pretty, and eloquent? Bitch.

Question: Do you have any scoop on the upcoming season of Southland? —Autumn

Ausiello: It premieres in early January, and there’ll be a new face on the force. The show is casting the role of a Latina cop who is impulsive, no-nonsense, and occasionally annoying. She’s also, and I quote, “not gorgeous, but real.” I’d hate to be the actress who gets recommended for that role.

Question: Any new Smallville scoop? —Adelle

Ausiello: Present-day Clark comes face-to-face with future Clark (a.k.a. Superman) in next Friday’s 200th episode. But I’m pretty sure that’s old news. Here’s some new news. In the Oct. 22 episode, Clark finally decides to tell Lois his secret. Which is kind of funny because that’s the same episode she decides to tell him her secret: that she already knows! Hilarious, right? I thought it was.

Question: Any cool Big Bang Theory casting scoops? —Barrie

Ausiello: This isn’t as cool as Eliza Dushku guest-starring in an episode, but actress Aarti Man (Heroes‘ Shaila) has been cast as Koothrappali’s never-before-seen sister Priya.

Question: Is the rumor true that a Dallas reboot starring Josh Holloway and Jennifer Love Hewitt is being developed? Please say it’s true! —Lillie

Ausiello: It’s sort of true. TNT is developing a new Dallas series, but it’s more of a sequel than a reboot, as it takes place a few decades after the original series left off. No one is currently attached to the project, and that includes Josh Holloway, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and (last week’s big rumor) Kiefer Sutherland.

Question: Please tell me when Chuck and Blair will be back together on Gossip Girl! —Abbey

Ausiello: Serena and Nate lay the groundwork for a possible C&B reconciliation later this month when they negotiate a peace treaty between the warring exes. A literal treaty.

Question: The synopsis for the Oct. 29 episode of Supernatural says that one of the boys faces a truth about himself that sends the other brother reeling. Any insight on which brother is “facing a truth” and which brother is sent “reeling”? —Kat

Ausiello: Sam is facing the truth; Dean is reeling.

Question: So before you leave to open your Smurf museum, could you tell me if Bones will have a Christmas episode this season? —Amanda

Ausiello: Most likely not. There’s some uncertainty about what order Bones‘ November/December episodes will air in because of the World Series, so I think all parties felt it was easier not to do one this year.

Question: Remember a little show called Brothers & Sisters? Doesn’t seem like it, considering you rarely talk about it in AA. —Steve

Ausiello: My bad. Here are a few teasers about this Sunday’s episode.

* Someone goes missing.

* Someone gets caught lying about her age.

* Someone considers plastic surgery.

* Someone (temporarily) assumes a new identity.

* An estranged couple, um, reconnect.

Question: I am really liking the show The Big C, but I am getting over the story line of her not telling anyone she has cancer. This past Monday’s episode really irked me, because I thought she was finally telling someone. It was like the House/Huddy hallucination. Do you have any spoilers on when she’s going to reveal her secret? —Melodie

Ausiello: This probably isn’t what you want to hear, but there’s another near miss coming on Oct. 18 when Cathy finally decides to tell Paul the truth. Unfortunately, before she gets the chance he drops a bombshell on HER: He wants a divorce!

Question: Any word yet on whether AMC is going to pick up Rubicon for a second season? —Christine

Ausiello: Not a peep. I imagine a decision will have to come down soon, since there’s only two episodes left.

Question: I ask you for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you Philo T. Farnsworth. How is the future looking for one of my favorite new shows this season, The Whole Truth? Remember, Mr. Ausiello, you are under oath. —Ryan

Ausiello’s attorney: Objection. Counsel is leading the witness.

Judge: Overruled. Mr. Ausiello, please answer the question.

Ausiello: The Whole Truth is one more low-rated episode away from getting pulled off the schedule.

Judge: I like your shoes, BTW. Cole Haan?

Ausiello: Yes! They’re so comfortable!

Question: Is Miles Heizer’s character on Parenthood gay? —Colleen

Ausiello: My gut says yes, but exec producer Jason Katims says no. I’m going to side with Katims on this one.

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