After hosts Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke tortured the contestants through another excruciating night of who’s safe and who’s not (better to wait and hear everything they say, Cheryl Burke!), another low-scoring performer was sent packing Tuesday on Dancing with the Stars. For more about the celebrity who got the heave-ho, go to the jump.Image Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABC Margaret Cho may have been responsible for some of the best soundbites this season (she called her samba on Monday “the gayest thing that ever happened”), but it looks like viewers weren’t too interested in her impromptu yuks. After she and Louis Van Amstel scored 18 out of a possible 30 for dancing to Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana” on Monday, the comedienne became the third contestant to leave the ABC reality show.

“I’m just so sad we aren’t going to be dancing,” Cho told EW afterwards. “I’m going to dance with Louis anyway. I love being out on the floor with him and I’m going to miss that. I was also crying because this has been such a joyful experience.”

Cho’s samba on Monday suffered from a lack of researsal time, something that wasn’t lost on the judges: Len Goodman said he “couldn’t quite get the story of it.” She got a dig in by retorting how it was about “having pride while people are criticizing you” while Van Amstel took the criticism in stride. “I’m kind of used of it,” he said. ” The first two weeks, the judges are always very harsh, and they never really have a compliment. But in the end, that makes you stronger because if they are really full of compliments from the get-go, then you don’t really work hard. So it always made me work harder. I think among all the contestants, Margaret has no physical experience whatsoever.”

“I was starting from zero,” Cho added. “It was such a physical challenge. That’s what is really great because now I want to keep doing it, I want to keep dancing. It’s going to add years to my life, and that’s a really powerful thing.”

Cho says she “wouldn’t change anything” about her crazy costume choices. “I have to be myself, no matter what. I have to stand tall and proud because that’s what I’m all about.” But she always thought she was working from a disadvantage. “We are competing against athletes and very graceful people. I am so in a new arena here. My forte is stand-up comedy so dance is totally new. That’s why I was intimidated.”

At the very least, her experience on Dancing with the Stars has provided lots of fodder for future standup routines. “That’s where I get to hash it out,” she said, laughing. “People should come check it out. I’m going to be ripping everyone a new one.”