Image Credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty ImagesLooks like Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s decision to join his band’s musical American Idiot on Broadway last week paid off big time. The rock show recorded a huge bump in its ticket sales while the band leader was starring, adding a stunning $600,000 to the previous week’s gross, for a total haul of $1,092,334, according to Variety. A hefty and very healthy (by Broadway standards) 93 percent of the seats in the theater were filled. The boost from Billie Joe was easily a record for American Idiot, which last hit a high of about $870,000 back in June. Last week, the show brought in receipts totaling $480,000. As Variety points out, the bump is particularly impressive considering that there was little lead time with the announcement about Billie Joe’s turn in the show — interest almost immediately spiked.

The interesting, forward-looking beat in this story, of course, is whether Billie Joe’s one-week stint will improve the box office take for the show going forward. Of course, he’s no longer in the show, but could the press and excitement he brought to it have increased the awareness? It seems rather unlikely, but we’ll have to wait until the ticket sales numbers for this week are released this coming Monday. Are you more inclined to see American Idiot now? Or, are you going to wait until Billie Joe books a return engagement?

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