October 04, 2010 at 09:26 PM EDT

Last week we got a teaser trailer for the Coen brothers’ upcoming take on the classic Western True Grit. Now, the full-length theatrical trailer has been released, and I’m even more excited for this movie. We get double the running time (2:29 as opposed to 1:15), and this time we actually get to hear Matt Damon and Josh Brolin speak. Damon in particular seems like he could be a standout — he boasts the best one-liner in the trailer (“I thought you were going to say the sun was in your eyes — that is to say, your eye“). And as the confident youngster Mattie Ross, newcomer Hailee Steinfeld seems like a real find. If the movie lives up to the promise of this preview, could we have another No Country For Old Men on our hands?

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Watch the trailer for the Coen Bros. version of ‘True Grit’ here: The Dude’s got an eyepatch!

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