Image Credit: Image Source/Getty ImagesHave you ever been watching your favorite television show live, pleased to finally get a moment to relax after a long day, only to be jolted out of that moment of peace by an insanely annoying, loud commercial? Easily my least favorite aspect of watching television live is the pronounced audio discrepancy between television programs and their commercial breaks. Every time an overly loud commercial doorbell sent my puppy into a frenzy, I wondered why this happened and if something could be done about it. Now I can calm down — this annoyance will soon legally come to an end.

On Wednesday, the Senate unanimously passed a bill titled Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) that requires commercials to be the same volume as the television show they run during. Until the passing of CALM, the FCC had essentially decided that regulating the volume of commercials was too large a task, as commercials and television programs came from a multitude of sources. Personally, I think this bill is long overdue and incredibly welcome, and its name’s acronym is perfectly appropriate for what this bill will bring to all Americans. Sure, this isn’t the most pressing deal facing Senate these days, but complaints about inappropriately loud commercials have been going on for decades, and it’s nice to finally see them get addressed.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Are you excited by this news, or do you fast forward through your commercials?