The gloves were off for Rush Limbaugh’s guest-star duty as himself on last night’s Family Guy. Gearing up to meet his arch-nemesis at a local book signing, liberal canine Brian called the right-wing pundit a Nazi and a fascist who “singlehandedly set political discourse back 100 years.” Throughout the episode, Rush didn’t hesitate to take his share of punches — including a particularly ego-free joke about man-boobs. But he threw plenty, too, ribbing bleeding-heart liberal values, poking fun at Lois’ belief in global warming (saying it makes her sound “like a Jew”), and going to town on the left-leaning haters who denounce him without listening to his arguments. They even let him convert liberal Brian. After Limbaugh rescued him from a back-alley beatdown, the four-legged Griffin agreed to read one of Rush’s books — and he actually liked it. A lot. Before long, the two were teamed up for an all-out musical number, “Republican Town,” as well as a jaunt to a church devoted to Ronald Reagan to burn two abortion patients at the stake. Check out the clip below for a peek at the episode and a few words from Limbaugh himself.

The show definitely skewered Brian’s hardcore conservative conversion, but overall it seemed like a pretty fair fight to me. I’ll let you guys decide: Who had the better jokes in the episode, liberals or conservatives? And did Limbaugh’s self-deprecating humor change your opinion of him?

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