Levi Johnston’s music video debut is here! As you may recall from reports that leaked out this summer, the Alaskan hunk stars in otherwise not-very-famous singer Brittani Senser’s video for a song called “After Love.” The video’s plot involves a young couple torn asunder by a mean old mom, causing some people to draw parallels to Johnston’s real-life failed romance with Bristol Palin. Now that E! has premiered the clip, we can watch it for ourselves to see if all that speculation had any basis in fact.

Answer: Not really. If this clip starred anyone other than Johnston, it would just be another boring, generic music video. It opens, adorably, with a credit roll to indicate what a serious cinematic experience we’re in for. An actress playing Senser’s mom chides her for spending time with a bad boy. When Senser talks back, mom slaps her across the face. In black-and-white flashbacks, Senser remembers snuggling with her dude, who of course is played by America’s sweetheart, Levi Johnston. Back in the present day, the cops pull Levi over and some more stuff happens. The clip ends with him standing alone in the rain. He looks sad, maybe (I’m just guessing here) because the sound of Senser’s singing voice has become seriously grating by this point?

None of this has anything to do with the Palins, but I’m sure that won’t stop some observers from reading in whatever they like. Check out the “After Love” video for yourself after the jump and let us know what you think.

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