Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesE! — the network that has brought us such gems as Kourtney Kardashian and Joel McHale (and, yes, you too Mankini) — is lassoing another star into its family: According to Deadline, the network has picked up a reality show pilot starring The Practice star Lara Flynn Boyle.

Deadline reports cameras will follow the actress as she “splits her time between her life in Texas and her marriage to real estate investor Donald Ray Thomas II and her Hollywood-centric lifestyle in Bel Air.” Hmm. I would say the show sounds “complicated,” but surely it cannot be, since Denise Richards colon (three words I probably shouldn’t place together) already took that title. So how about…Lara Flynn Boyle: It’s Annoying Removing Your Shoes at Security?

But I know what you all are thinking: Why would we care to see the Men in Black II actress’ life projected on the small screen? And though I honestly have no idea what Boyle’s like in “real” life, I give you two reasons to be excited about her future in the genre: 1) Boyle’s smoking Punk’d episode was all kinds of amazing (see short clip here) and 2) We are talking about an actress who once wore this dress (pictured, above left) to the Golden Globes. And the person who dons this sort of outfit is either a wacky Baby Jane-esque hermit desperately attempting to recapture her days as an 8-year-old spinning happily under the spotlight, or a wacky celebrity. Either way, wacky is the key word here.

Who else is finding themselves somewhat interested? Will this be the next Keeping Up With the Kardashians, or the next Living Lohan?