Professional dancer/amateur meteorologist Derek Hough, 25, and his partner Jennifer Grey, 50, have earned the top spot on the JUDGES’ LEADERBOARD for two weeks running on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. Below, Derek checks in for his weekly grilling.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Derek, what’s going on here? You’re deep in thought about these jeans. Are you regretting your decision to try to teach them a quick foxtrot?

DEREK HOUGH: The perfect pair of jeans is clearly a mind-numbing decision.

Do you agree with judge-under-fire Bruno Tonioli that Michael Bolton’s jive was the worst jive in 11 seasons? Whose might have been worse?

To tell someone that something they’ve spent hours trying to learn is the worst they’ve seen is a harsh critique to have to make. Luckily, I am not hired on this show as a judge.

This week is STORY WEEK. Can you give three hints about your samba story?

We have a great ’80s song everyone will know. Three hints for the story: bowtie, ruler, and apple.

Why does the DWTS crowd boo no matter what the score is? Wouldn’t 9s and 10s on week 2 have been jumping the gun a bit?

The few hundred people that sit in the ballroom are very passionate fans. They all have their favorite team and boo and root accordingly – it gets loud in there sometimes.

Which couples do you see as the biggest competition for you and Jennifer?

We get asked this question a lot and it’s the hardest one to answer. Every couple is competition for us. Every week a different couple emerges as a contender.

Are you in touch with Julianne Hough a lot? Does she plan to come back to the show or are there too many blonde pros now?

Julianne and I are really close. She’s really busy making a film right now and I’m busy with DWTS but we try to talk/text daily.

Can the two of you communicate mentally across the city or world through the forbidden language of the lambada?

Lambada with your sister sounds super creepy to me.

Have you ever waxed your legs? Will Tony’s smoothness give him any ballroom-dancing advantages we should know about?

Maybe Tony will be more aerodynamic now. Less hair means less wind resistance. Or maybe he’ll take up swimming?

From reader Amy Kociolek: “When will the next DWTS tour be?”

We keep hearing rumors that there might be one this winter, but no one knows for sure.

From reader Ellie Mae: “Do you ever get tired of the judges kissing your ass and the show favoring you all the time?”

If only that were the case, then I wouldn’t have to work so hard at my job. Glad to know that it all comes across so effortlessly on screen though.

From reader Nadia: “Why is it that literally EVERY guy who can move and looks good is considered to be gay?”

Probably because a lot of straight guys are too self-conscious to let loose and show their moves because of stereotypes. It would be great if we could all live in a world where we can just be rather than be judged.

Derek, thank you for sharing this photo you took of a weird cloud on Twitter. Does it represent the stormy contents of your brain after a week of training?

We had the weirdest weather here in L.A. last week. One day it was 113 [degrees] and sunny, and one day it was overcast, raining, and there was a rainbow. I took that picture and tweeted it because we don’t really ever get inconsistent weather and scenes like that.

Getting excited for tonight’s “dances that tell a story,” DNCMSTRs?

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