By Tim Stack
Updated October 01, 2010 at 02:00 PM EDT

Yes, little Jonathan Bower from Who’s the Boss is now selling wonderful little air-tight items on his personal Tupperware site. My fave — and the one I think Judith Light would appreciate the most — is the “Fashion Lunch Set” which comes in the always classic color combo of “Gumdrop/Snow White.”

The site is a veritable treasure chest of info about Pintauro’s current life: He lives with three dogs (despite starring in 1983’s terrifying canine horror flick Cujo), his friends sometimes call him “Martha,” and he’s fond of bringing dip to parties. Oddly no mention of his stint on a classic ’80’s sitcom.

Would you buy Tupperware from Pintauro, PopWatchers? If not him, from which Boss alum WOULD you purchase some plastic containers? Very important questions.