Image Credit: Mathew Imaging/; Jeff Vespa/WireImage.comThe search continues for the perfect cast for George Clooney’s upcoming political drama Farragut North. Clooney’s rep confirmed to EW that Ryan Gosling is currently in negotiations to play the lead role of a young communications director who gets wrapped up in the dark side of political campaigns.

By the power vested in George Clooney, let’s make this happen! To me, this sounds like a stellar pairing for a film that will likely have “Academy Award nominee” written all over it. Granted, Clooney’s directorial efforts aren’t always Oscar bait (remember Leatherheads?), but given each of their resumes — Clooney’s a Best Supporting Actor winner (Syriana), and has been nominated for Best Actor (twice!) and Best Director, while Gosling received a Best Actor nomination for Half Nelson in 2006 and is considered a strong contender for an acting nod with the upcoming Blue Valentine — this combination looks pretty good on paper. Plus, a Clooney-Gosling combination will guarantee some red carpet dreaminess come awards season, or at least some promotional eye candy.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Does George Clooney + Ryan Gosling = a must-see film?

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