We make the case for James Wolk and this Fox newcomer

By Jennifer Armstrong
October 01, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

A subtle drama with a bigamist con man at its center? Fox’s Lone Star was a long shot as a network show, and alas, the ratings for its Sept. 20 premiere bore that out: Only 4.1 million viewers tuned in, sparking predictions that the new series would go from best reviewed to first canceled. Creator Kyle Killen isn’t letting his show die a quiet death, however — he’s taken to pleading for viewers via his blog, which has spurred fans to start their own petitions. ”It’s not like the show got sampled by large numbers and then rejected,” Killen tells EW. ”It just got lost in the void.” Consider this EW’s signature of sorts. And please join us in watching on Mondays as grifter Bob Allen (James Wolk, employing Clooney levels of charm) juggles his double life — two wives in two Texas towns — with a desire to go straight, a manipulative partner-in-crime dad, and a wary oil-baron father-in-law (Jon Voight). See? Love triangles! Crime! Intrigue! All the things TV audiences love! ”Explosive Nudity Hour is what we should have called it,” Killen says, ”but sadly, we did not.” Is it too late to get it listed under that name on DVRs?