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Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.comIf you had any doubt that Justin Bieber is a down-to-earth teen star, take a look at his tour rider, just released by The Smoking Gun. Seriously, you should all be beliebers (heh) now. In an era where musicians make some downright insane backstage demands, young Bieber stays really levelheaded with his touring wants. Turns out the Biebs hardly makes brand requests for anything, except for Vitamin Water and Swedish Fish in America or Big Foots candy in Canada. That means all the tea, honey, potato chips, and condiments Biebz is requesting can be from… anywhere. This is a foreign concept for celebrities, if you poke through more tour riders on The Smoking Gun, and in all honesty, I know non-famous people who are more particular about their food brands than Bieber seems to be. And he is Justin Bieber — the Prince of Pop!

As sparse as his tour rider is, I am puzzled by a few requests, though. On page two, he demands that all cups be made of quality material, yet on page three he asks for Solo cups. More surprising are his requests for t-shirts and socks of all sizes except medium, but including the hard-to-come-by XS.

While the Bieber tour rider makes him seem “aw shucks” cute and sensible, part of me wishes it was somewhat like Iggy Pop’s tour rider, which is 18 pages filled with requests and downright hilarious commentary — and reality television show pitches. Come on Bieber, at least ask for them to sort your Swedish Fish by color! Get crazy!

What do you think, PopWatchers? Are you surprised Justin isn’t asking for more goodies backstage?