The ''Life As We Know It'' star on child costars, winter shoots, and Michael Bay

By Tim Stack
Updated October 01, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

1 Working with kids isn’t so bad
In Life as We Know It, Duhamel acts opposite not only Katherine Heigl but also the precocious infant Clagett triplets (now age 2). ”We got lucky because there were three of them,” he says. ”Brooke was the little starlet. Brynn was the feisty little one — you never knew what you’d get. And then there was little Lexie, who without a doubt every time on set would just scream bloody murder — which comes in handy in a movie like this because there’s a lot of moments when you need a baby to cry.”

2 When swimming outside in winter, get liquored up first
At one point in The Romantics, currently in limited release, the actor’s groom-to-be character takes a drunken dip in the ocean with pals. The lesson of the nighttime shoot? ”It’s irresponsible not to drink whiskey before you jump into the Atlantic in December,” he says.

3 Don’t argue with Michael Bay
Currently shooting the third Transformers film, Duhamel says he’s figured out how to handle working with the franchise’s hard-charging director, Michael Bay. ”I learned to stay out of his way,” laughs the actor. ”Just to be there and do as you’re told and shut up.”

4 Realism can be overrated
Filming 2006’s Turistas, about kidnapped American tourists, was hard — especially since the cast went Method on location in the Brazilian jungle. ”We had the bright idea to go barefoot, like [the bad guys] stole our shoes, too! Like, ”Let’s make this s— real!” About half a day into shooting we realized it was a huge mistake, but we couldn’t go back because we had already shot a bunch of stuff.”