The Oprah Winfrey Show devoted its full hour today to Oprah’s interview with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. I confess, no matter how many times I hear Rowling’s backstory, I’m still drawn in, partly because the details are just so extraordinary. How does an average person who came from humble beginnings — single mother on the dole, writing in cafés — go on to create something so huge? The big news — or almost news — from the interview is that Rowling is definitely open to writing “an eighth, ninth, tenth” Potter novel, though she quickly followed up by saying, “I feel I’m done, but you never know.” A slight quote to hang your hat on, but it’s a measure of the influence she commands that even the barest hope of future Potter novels could set the publishing and movie worlds a-tizzy.

The rest of the interview covered familiar ground with an Oprah spin. Rowling discussed her battle with clinical depression, her short-lived first marriage, and the death of her mother and how heavily that influenced the Potter series. And she and Oprah had some good-old-fashioned bonding time over how fantastically loaded they both are. (It went something like: “You’re a billionaire! Me too!”)

Did you watch? Do you think Rowling will change her mind one day and write another Potter book?