Image Credit: Adam Taylor/ABCIn what’s bound to be Grey’s Anatomy‘s most talked about character reveal since Eric Dane’s McSteamy stepped out of that infamous shower four years ago, Jackson Avery—as played by Jesse Williams—will ditch his scrubs in the Oct. 14 episode during a tense confrontation with his supervisor, Teddy (Kim Raver). But before you call the Gratuitous Nudity Police, know that he has a serious medical reason for doing so: He tries (and fails) to use his impressive body of work to get ahead.

“He and Teddy butt heads throughout the episode and it leads to a faceoff,” explains Williams. “[Jackson] learns what benefits him and what doesn’t in terms of flirting and sexuality.”

Though Teddy may be immune to his charms, Williams—who “put down the cake and ran a few more laps” in preparation for his first semi-nude scene—confirms that Jackson will get a love interest this season.

Rumor has it series creator Shonda Rhimes may pair him with the incoming doc played by Transformers babe Rachael Taylor. “I have not heard that,” says Williams. “But we did an HBO pilot together called Washingtonienne. She was a very nice girl.”

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