Tom Selleck
Credit: Heather Wines/CBS

In Blue Bloods, Tom Selleck is Frank Reagan, the New York City police commissioner and ruler of the Reagan roost. The clan includes Donnie Wahlberg as son Danny, a homicide detective adept at coercing confessions from suspects; Bridget Moynahan as daughter Erin, a DA whose blue blood bleeds liberally; and Will Estes (American Dreams) as Jamie, a Harvard Law grad who decides to become a beat cop. They all argue around the dinner table and deal in different ways with the corruption they see on the job.

The best thing about Bloods, aside from the return of Selleck to weekly TV, is that it breaks with the nearly 20-year tradition of dark, gritty cop shows ushered in by NYPD Blue. The weakest thing about Bloods is that it can’t resist adding a conspiracy story line to its cases-of-the-week structure: something about ”the Blue Templar,” a secret society within the police department. Jamie was asked to spy on the group in the pilot episode. This subplot seems irritatingly distracting when what we really want to watch are the Reagans in their various law-enforcement jobs, knocking heads around, literally and figuratively. That, and more of Rescue Me‘s Andrea Roth, as a journalist involved with Selleck’s Frank. We’ll see whether she’s better off being with a stiffnecked cop or an alkie firefighter. B

Blue Bloods

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