Image Credit: Alpha/LandovIt’s never too early to start crossing items off your holiday gift list. Especially now that our yuletide dreams have been answered early in the form of Justin Bieber dolls — sorry, “collectible figures”. For somewhere in the neighborhood of $17.99 to $29.99, you can snag the perfect present for the swooning tween girl on your list, or their creepy “Team Bieber” mom, or even your lesbian pal who looks a bit too much like the pint-sized pop icon. Thanks to merchandising company Bravado and The Bridge Direct, a line of Bieber figures (hell, let’s just call them dolls…) styled in the Boy Wonder’s best-known looks will be available starting Dec. 4. (You can see them here.)

They all appear to feature the same blank, freshly blow-dried expression, though vary slightly in how he’s dressed. There’s Bieber in a miniature leather jacket with an upturned collar (natch!) and Bieber in a green hoodie nonchalantly holding an acoustic guitar (sensitive balladeer!). And the Bieber dolls won’t just look purty — they’ll also sing 30-second clips from songs like “Baby” and “One Less Lonely Girl” (whatever those are). Other options include “street style”, “awards style”, and “red carpet style” (we predict “street style” will be the hot seller). What we don’t see, sadly — and what we’re hoping the good folks at Bravado and The Bridge Direct develop for next holiday season — is a Bieber action figure with sweeping forelocks of fury and kung-fu grip.

The dolls will come on the heels of the October release of Bieber’s first book, Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story (can you even have two colons in the same title?). And let us not forget the eagerly anticipated 3-D Bieber biopic hitting theaters on February 2011. It’s Bieber’s world, people. Live it.