By Emily Exton
Updated September 29, 2010 at 11:56 PM EDT

Friends of Greg Giraldo have taken to their Twitter pages to pay tribute to the late comedian, who died Wednesday at 44 years old. Here’s what some of them have posted:

Sarah Silverman: “RIP Greg Giraldo. Belly-laugh hilarious, prolific, good & kind. A thousand oys can’t express”

Louis C.K.: “Greg Giraldo was a good guy. The kind of you’re always glad to see. Also a funny comic and person. He died today. Goodbye friend.”

Michael Ian Black: “F—. Greg Giraldo died. Hung out with him several times. Amazingly funny and kind. Never saw him clean shaven. RIP.”

Bob Saget: “Greg Giraldo. Love and peace. So f—— funny.”

Jim Norton: “Greg Giraldo passed away today. This is the last photo of us together, taken June 28 at Noam’s wedding. RIP buddy.”

Chris Hardwick: “I am floored by Greg Giraldo’s death. This is f—— awful. Greg was a nice dude who was one of the best comedians of our generation.”

Daniel Tosh: “Sorry to hear about the passing of Greg Giraldo. Thank you for everything.”

Patton Oswalt: “Really, Universe? Greg Giraldo? F— off. Just went way out of my way not to drive past Laugh Factory. If I see Giraldo’s name on that marquee, gonna lose it.”

Dane Cook: “Greg Giraldo may you RIP. My thoughts & prayers go to his family, friends & fans.”

Aziz Ansari: “Very sad to hear the news about Greg Giraldo. One of the most respected comics I can think of. The world has lost a hysterical man. RIP.”