Credit: Mark Fellman

Image Credit: Mark FellmanSPOILER ALERT: The happy couple in You Again, Lone Star‘s James Wolk and The Unborn‘s Odette Yustman, sang a karaoke duet of Hall & Oates’ “Kiss on My List” the first time they met. The real Hall & Oates make a cameo at movie’s end to perform it. The cast has a great time hamming it up with the duo, but honestly, all I could think about was that even with the presence of Hall & Oates, the scene in no way compared to (500) Days of Summer‘s brilliant use of “You Make My Dreams.” Anyone else experience the same mental block? Do screenwriters have to retire Hall & Oates songs from plot points?

P.S. Air Supply references (made classic for me in Mr. and Mrs. Smith) are still acceptable. Kyle Bornheimer had the movie’s only laugh-out-loud moment when he dedicated an a cappella interpretation of “Every Woman in the World” to his ex (Yustman) during a toast.

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