Image Credit: Larry Marano/Getty ImagesLast night, ’80s rapper Vanilla Ice sat on Jay Leno’s couch for an appearance on The Tonight Show. That, surprisingly, is not the shocking bit. (The former rapper was there to promote his new home renovation DIY show, The Vanilla Ice Project.) During the interview, Vanilla Ice shared a story of when he lost his pet kangaroo. Yes, PopWatchers, you read that correctly: Vanilla Ice has a pet kangaroo who sometimes likes to go rogue.

Vanilla Ice doesn’t strike me as the type of guy who owns a pet kangaroo, although, I’ve never actually heard of anyone owning one, so I should apologize for my unfair blanket stereotypes. (I didn’t think you could actually own a pet kangaroo, but if anything, I have now been inspired to look into owning my dream pet — a penguin.) Apparently, Vanilla Ice owns a veritable menagerie of exotic pets — his kangaroo ran off for two weeks with its buddy, Vanilla Ice’s pet goat. Personally, I would’ve loved to see a horned goat leading a kangaroo around town, especially if that animal parade was followed by a search party led by Vanilla Ice (ideally riding around in a convertible, blasting “Ice Ice Baby”).