Well played, Paramount. Yesterday, I found a small padded envelope in my EW mailbox. It was hand-addressed to me in black sharpie. The return address read: 40 University Dr, Rindge, NH 03461. Hmm… No one I know lives there. When I opened it, there was nothing but an HP flash drive inside. No note, no explanation, nothing. Uh, creepy. No thanks.

Well, it turns out the drive contains a scene from next month’s Paranormal Activity 2. It’s one of seven new videos making the Internet rounds today as part of Paramount’s viral marketing campaign for the sequel, which the studio is keeping under extremely tight wraps. The videos (all embedded below)shed a flicker of light on the actual plot — and possibly confirm my worst fears that it’s all about a poor, helpless baby who gets tormented by a demon. How am I going to make it through this movie?

Oh, and that return address? According to Google maps, it’s Franklin Pierce University. Something tells me that’s no coincidence. I guess we’re dealing with a college-educated demon here.

Check out the videos and tell me what you think it all means. Do we have the makings of a plot here?

Video #1 (a.k.a Creepy footage in the nursery.)

Video #2 (a.k.a. Even creepier footage in nursery. This is the video I received.)

Video #3 (a.k.a Dog snoozes in the living room…Is that you, Katie?)

Video #4 (a.k.a Baby channels Regan by scooting backwards down the stairs. Eeek.)

Video #5 (a.k.a. Living room, no dog, but walking baby.)

Video #6 (a.k.a. The pool.)

Video #7 (a.k.a. Frightening, nightmarish nursery footage. Someone gets dragged out! Make it stop!)

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