By Mandi Bierly
Updated September 28, 2010 at 10:47 PM EDT

After seeing TBS’ nine “Missing You” promos for the November premiere of Conan, which ones did you find funniest? Watch them below, then rank ’em. My order:

Old man asks stripper to dance like Conan. (Hilarious because you don’t know what he asked her, and even though the moves are Coco’s signature, the joke is still subtle.)

A woman has a Conan pillowcase and sheets. (Funny because you know you want a set.)

A woman thinks she sees Conan at a bus stop. (But it’s Glee‘s Coach Beiste, Dot Jones.)

A cast away laughs at his ball, not bald, friend Conan. (Someone got paid to make that ball’s hair. Awesome.)

A man has a Conan-faced rubber duckie. (Again, something that would actually sell. Something parents wouldn’t mind watching their kids play with at bath time every night.)

A man’s letter soup spells Conan. (Cute. He does some good acting.)

A “hillbilly” whittles a mini Conan. (Kinda cool but I don’t think I need to own this one.)

A man pastes Conan’s face on TV newsman. (Too obvious.)

A baker writes Conan’s name on cakes for every occasion. (Eh.)