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Hawaii Five-O

Image Credit: Kim: Mario Perez/CBSLast night’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 showed remarkable restraint when you consider that Alex O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett went for a swim in the morning montage (weekly occurrence, please, watch the clip below) and Grace Park’s Kono Kalakaua landed in a swimming pool while fighting a cyber terrorist (guest star Ivana Milicevic). The camera could’ve followed his walk out of the water and into his house, and she could’ve been wearing something other than a blue henley, jeans, and flats when she hit the water. It’s refreshing to watch a woman dressed like that kick ass. She doesn’t need to be wearing leather pants, a leather bustier, or a leather jacket to prove she’s tough. Plus, it’s too hot to.

Other notes on Week 2:

• It’s apparently also too hot for McGarrett’s team to wear gloves at a crime scene.

• You’d think O’Loughlin would’ve looked the sexiest in a bulletproof vest. because he wore a black tee that showed off his biceps underneath. But it was definitely Daniel Dae Kim. Chin Ho Kelly should always wear that light, white, long-sleeved henley just in case he needs to put on the vest. It’s a great neckline for him, and the fabric pulls tight on his arms when he opens a door holding a shotgun. (Watch the clip below.)

• The writers should continue to use Hawaii’s tourist population for comedic effect. Last night, the guys, fully armed, had to ride a hotel elevator with a family. (Watch the clip below.)

• Confession: I almost teared up at the end when Kono — beaten up from being held captive — looked into the mirror to wipe the blood off of her lip and examined the bruises on her face, then zipped up the pristine blue uniform she was supposed to have worn that day at her police academy graduation in its garment bag. Actually, what got me was when she walked out in her blue henley, jeans, and flats and saw the three men in their uniforms. They held an impromptu ceremony for her, and McGarrett told her they would always do whatever they could to keep her safe because they treat each other like family.

• My favorite shot of the episode was the one of McGarrett’s graceful, horizontal layout jump from the balcony to a chain that would drop him to the floor of a building so he could get out before it blew. They didn’t go slo-mo, but you know someone suggested it. (Watch the clip below.)

What did you think of Week 2? (Watch the full episode.)

Swimming Steve

Kono and Chin’s vest in action, Steve’s leap

The elevator scene

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