CBS has signed on for another Twitter-based series: Shh, Don’t Tell Steve is en route to becoming a sitcom. The stream, in which a man obsessively tweets his immature roommate’s antics, isn’t a megahit the way S— My Dad Says is, but I actually think it has more legs. Maybe because I’ve been following it an laughing at it for months.

The opposites-attract roommate juxtaposition is a comedy staple, and the Steve of this Twitter stream is basically a walking sitcom character already: I like this one, for example: “Steve brought a Fish Rub he said will “melt your d–k off” I asked why my d–k would melt off. Steve: ‘Okay snarky guy, it was an allegory.’” He’s basically a frat-boy version Joey Tribbiani. And as much as his roommate snarks on him…they do seem to hang out an awful lot.

I don’t think this is the worst idea ever, PopWatchers. But let ‘er rip: Is there another Twitter feed you think is perfect for a TV adaptation? [THR]