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Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and flesh. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!


“Tom in the lotus position–impressive!” —orville, endorsed by Katja, JennyH, Potato Bug, A, and Jean, who woke her computer up just to make sure someone had posted this

“In a startling turn of events, Under-Enthusiastic Bongo Guy is sort of smiling while Enthusiastic Chimes Lady is so super-focused on her chimes that her face has almost no expression whatsoever! WTF, ECL?! —’s Fringe Fairy

“Hey–Bongo Guy took the note! Much more enthusiastic this week. But, you’re right Annie – no one puts Enthusiastic Chimes Lady in the corner.” —orville

“When Michael Bolton first appeared coming down the staircase in that leopard jacket I thought it was Rod Stewart.” —glenn

“Hidden Gem Nomination: There is a production assistant of some sort right behind Sarah Palin when they show her after Bristol’s dance. He is making the BEST “I can’t believe this is my life” face!” —Anon, endorsed by orville

“Bristol Palin’s dress reminded me of those Cupcake Dolls from like the early ‘90s. It’s probably a good thing that she skipped that frosting hat though.” —kt, endorsed by Katja

“I thought it looked like one of those bath scrubbies. You know,the big body puff thingies?” —prplrose5

“Bristol Palin was rocking the Miss Piggy look with her purple dress, purple elbow length satin gloves, and sausage curls.” —Kate

“Hidden gem of the week has to be whenever fish mouth Mark Ballas kept trying to kiss Bristol on the cheek and Bristol completely ignored him and didn’t respond. Priceless. Not everyone wants slobber on them, Mark.” —Corran, endorsed by Emma and Katja

“After Bristol’s dance was over, behind the judges this guy in the audience was staring up into the heavens like he was waiting for his alien ship to pick him up.” –Abby

“That guy looked like Lane from Big Brother!” —Addison

“Did Mark give his dad a kiss in the skybox after his dance? If so…adorable!” —KWo

“Right after Brandy and Maks got their scores the camera panned to Sarah Palin and her youngest daughter. That little girl looked beyond miserable to be in Planet Mirrorballus and it cracked me up!!” —Liz

“Hidden Gem: I had to salute Anna Tre-BUN-skaya’s glittery dog tags! I wonder if I can buy some at” —iggy

“I also loved the glitter on the heels of her shoes!” —Megan, endorsed by jillibeans

Brady kids! —orville. “Brady kids” plural? I saw Thindy. Who elthe wath there?” —Potato Bug. “Cindy Brady/Susan Olsen in the house!! Surely she’s more loved than Sarah Palin, yet no Q&A with her?” —Scooter

“Mrs Garrett from The Facts of Life sitting behind Carrie Ann.” —MLM

“Not sure if you consider this a Hidden Gem or just rude, but no applause from Karina “pinch face” after Jennifer and Derek’s dance. Come on lady give them a fake golf clap or something they deserved it!” —plygal

“Another one, Mrs. Brady’s not so happy look after Jennifer’s dance. If looks could kill!” —gigi

“The picture of the judges during Karina and The Situation’s rehearsal. Do they not have any better decor than that?” —Karen, endorsed by LP

“ECL and Bongo guy were definitely overtaken this week by Stoic Violin Lady (sitting next to the doghouse during Michael Bolton’s number) She started a sway but held herself back” —MLM, endorsed by gigi

“Carrie Ann’s reaction to Bruno and Len fighting over Bolton’s dance.” —Anthony

“During Michael Bolton’s dance, they used dog bone pictures in the background. In certain camera angles, you could only see the bottom half of the bone and it looked like, shall we say…the lower half of a man’s anatomy!” —Baby’s Corner

“The Ultimate Hidden Gem: Bruno’s 3 paddle, I don’t think it has ever been used before!” —glenn, JH

“Annie, I was the one who likened Erin’s purple dress last season to the feather duster from Beauty & the Beast…but I must say tonight Lacey left her in the dust with her quickstep dress! I also claim bonus points since Len pointed it out!!” —Susan

“The look on Lacey’s face when Kyle said he might have a crush on Carrie Ann too.” —LP

“During Audrina and Tony’s dance, there was a man who gave them a spontaneous round of applause after they did a few steps in front of him” —MLM

(Update: According to commenter Tom, this is Brandy and Ray J’s dad!)

“Hidden gem: Audrina almost falling out of her dress when she was getting up off the floor in the least graceful way possible at the end of her dance. Seriously, she looked like a 3 year old trying to get out a sandbox.” —badbaum

“How about the almost not so hidden gem of Audrina’s boob.” —jen

“An older woman right as Tom was signing off the show dressed in her own dancing with the stars outfit, skin colored with black lace…pretty fancy!” —Emma


“Ok, so this isn’t exactly from the show… but prior to watching with my boyfriend I told him we had to look for hidden gems, and when Cheryl Burke broke out her tush undies during the first dance he got really excited and exclaimed ‘ooooh, is that a golden moment?!?’ A golden moment (and a hidden gem) indeed!” —LP, endorsed by JennyH, caryn, gigi, and’s Fringe Fairy

Thank you, DNCMSTRs one and all, for your fabulous submissions!

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