By Darren Franich
September 27, 2010 at 04:09 PM EDT

In Fight Club, the doucheboat neo-fascist Tyler Durden memorably asks, “How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?” The Buried Life‘s Dave Lingwood must have been pondering that same question. In an upcoming episode of MTV’s bucket-list reality show (the second season kicks off tonight at 10:30), he sets a goal for himself: “I want to fight a really good fighter.” That leads to a brutal month of training, which culminates in a showdown with an actual Ultimate Fighter.

EW talked to Dave about his training regimen (check out the video after the jump) and his backup plan (hint: breakdance-fighting!) about six hours before the big fight. (Look for the episode in early November.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What’s it been like training for the fight?

DAVE LINGWOOD: The last month has been an endless Rocky montage. In the mornings I’ll go and do either a run or a class. At nights I’ll do sparring and Muay Thai. I also went into training with a Shaolin monk and learned some crazy pressure-point accuracy stuff. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use it, but it was just cool to hang out with this 80-year-old Shaolin monk with a mullet.

My ear is blown, I’ve fractured my nose… It’s just been so, so intense. I’m the youngest of three boys, and I’ve been getting butt kicked my whole life. So it’s nice to take out that aggression on someone else.

After all that prep, what your expectations for the fight? Are you just trying to make it through a few rounds?

I’m either going to win or I’m gonna be on the ground carried out. I breakdance, so I figure if everything goes bad, I’m going to challenge him to a Zoolander scene and go into breakdance-fighting mode.

What else is coming up this season?

The first episode is us streaking at a major sporting event and trying to get away with it. That’s paired with the story of someone who wrote in to our Facebook. She’d lost her friend, who was a skateboarder in a small town in Wyoming. In that same town, there were three other teenagers who had died. We built a memorial half-pipe, and the whole community came together,  helping us build this ramp for the people who’d been lost.

Ben blew it last year trying to ask out Megan Fox, and we needed some redemption. We broke into the CMTs, and Duncan tried to ask out Taylor Swift. You’ll also see us going into Vegas and trying to get married in one weekend. We’re trying to beat The Hangover. We’re going for a better montage.