Sigourney Weaver, You Again | THE AUNT OF MY ENEMY IS MY ENEMY Kristen Bell and Sigourney Weaver enjoy the nuptials in You Again
Credit: Mark Fellman

Yes, You Again. We’ve met before. The pratfalls, the unlikely coincidences, the matrimonial hijinks, the forced jollity of an Olive Garden commercial are all strikingly familiar in this prefab comedy. Kristen Bell makes exasperated squirrel-faces as Marni, an ugly duckling who discovers, to her horror, that her brother is about to marry her high-school tormentor. Marni’s efforts to drive them apart run through a gamut of tired sitcom gags, but while the rest of this vehicle is on cruise control, Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver have plenty of fun in the backseat as Marni’s mother and the bride-to-be’s aunt, a pair whose own adolescent rivalry bubbles to the surface during the wedding preparations. The veteran actresses’ easy rapport and sheer exuberance are the only real fresh spots in a story you’ll recognize from a mile away. C