By Mandi Bierly
September 24, 2010 at 06:40 PM EDT

Heads would have exploded. That’s the only reaction you can have after hearing Twilight producer Mark Morgan describe what almost became of Stephenie Meyer’s books. Chatting with at the premiere of Twilight star Nikki Reed’s new film Last Day of Summer, Morgan recalled the struggle to get the first film made. When the project was set up at Paramount — back before the books became a phenomenon and the fans were as vocal, in the studio’s defense — it was going to be an action movie. “I mean, one of their drafts literally had a Korean FBI agent who was hunting and tracking vampires across the coast. There was SWAT in the trees and literally it was like, ‘Red leader, red leader 1′ and the vampires were picking them out of the woods. It would have been a different movie,” Gordon said, one that likely never would have fallen into the hands of director Catherine Hardwicke. Other changes: “They had Bella fighting back. They had her father dying in one of the scripts, actually, and her becoming a vampire in the first movie. There were a lot of weird things that I don’t think they understood at the time, because the books were just becoming popular. By the time [the script] got to Summit, they were smart enough to say ‘You know what? Let’s throw out all the old scripts and let’s start from scratch.”

Can you imagine?