Readers respond to ''Nikita,'' George Clooney, and the Best Divorce Movies

By EW Staff
September 24, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Your list of ”The 5 Best Divorce Movies Ever” should’ve included Twice in a Lifetime with Gene Hackman and Ann-Margret. It shows a man finding real love after leaving a marriage in which the spark has been gone for a while. And his ex discovers that she is happier too!
Lauren Freeland

I would have replaced the (slightly) overrated The Philadelphia Story with The Awful Truth. Same time period, same topic, better movie.
Lee Anne Test
Columbus, Ohio

Biker Babe
Thank you for your article about Katey Sagal’s performance on Sons of Anarchy. She is outstanding as the hard-ass, no-BS wife and mother who puts nothing above family and loyalty.
Trudi Brown
Raleigh, N.C.

Character Assassination
I feel I must defend The American! We’ve seen enough Bourne/Bond superagents and Day of the Jackal-like sociopaths. George Clooney’s take on an aging spy is refreshing. The film’s slower pace intentionally forces us into his lonely, paranoid world.
Christopher Stout
Wilmington, Del.

The Spy Who Bored Me
The CW’s Nikita fails to capture the spirit that Luc Besson’s film and Peta Wilson’s series had, despite its fancy weapons, revealing clothing, and exotic locales. Neither of the La Femme Nikitas needed to use sex to sell themselves to viewers — they used heart and soul.
Tams Christoph
West Lawn, Pa.

Scream a Little Scream
Just saw your poll on the scariest films of the past decade. The only thing scary about the No. 2 pick, Paranormal Activity, is that I paid almost 40 bucks (the cost of tickets, popcorn, and drinks) to see it.
Johnny Martinez III
Hartford, Wis.

As a horror fan, I totally disagreed with the results of the poll. Where were Hostel and Jeepers Creepers? And The Strangers was the scariest of the bunch.
Brian Summers
Skillman, N.J.

Some readers were ”Desperately Seeking Sandra”; others had seen enough

You deserve congratulations for your Sandra Bullock feature. What a perceptive profile of a classy lady. With all the scripts she’s now being offered, it’s likely we haven’t even seen her best work. I’m starting to think she could have a Meryl Streep/Audrey Hepburn-type career.
Michael Remann, Orlando

Let’s hold off on the ”most powerful actress on the planet” talk, shall we? Yes, Sandra Bullock had two blockbuster films, but she also married Jesse James and made All About Steve. That’s a wash no matter how you calculate it.
Greg Thow, Denver