Emma Stone, ''The Event,'' and ''My Generation'' made pop culture news this week

By EW Staff
Updated September 24, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

· Emma Stone in Easy A: Clearly, the ”A” stands for awesome.
· The amusing The Financial Lives of the Poets, just out in paperback, about a guy who starts a website that reports financial news in the form of poems
· The Town: the best movie ever starring nuns, Jon Hamm’s chin, and Ben Affleck’s abs
· Hey, Lone Star guy, will you marry us? C’mon, what’s another spouse?
· At least Cougar Town has a sense of humor about retaining its awful name.
· R.I.P. Miss Blankenship

· Justin Bieber at Hooters: One boob, four Hooters waitresses
· Tim Gunn picks fights with Anna Wintour, Suri Cruise, and Taylor Momsen in one week. ”And while I’m at it,” he continues, ”the Piperlime Accessories Wall can go #@!* itself.”
· ”Flipper, will you accept this rose?”
· If that disappearing plane on The Event ends up on a tropical island with a smoke monster, we’re going to be really annoyed.
· All We Want for Christmas Is…this new Mariah Carey holiday album! (We’re kinda serious.)
· Why is this beautiful woman wearing a beard? Oh, wait, it’s Zac Efron.

· My generation…would never watch a show called My Generation.
· After Adam Lambert attacks a paparazzo in Miami, a judge sentences him to four hours in a big purple outfit.
· Lindsay Lohan: Sigh
· How quickly can we chase Chase off the air?
· Twitter deserves better than a Wendy Williams/LeAnn Rimes feud.
· Omarosa and Michael Clarke Duncan (the big dude from The Green Mile) are a couple. We’d say something snarky, but we’re pretty sure she could beat us up.