Through an unlikely combination of elements — a popular Twitter site; CBS trying to be “hip” about social networking; the chance to work with Will & Grace producers David Kohan and Matt Mutchnick; William Shatner wanting to try something new — $#*! My Dad Says boasts the new season’s most annoying title and the sight of a wasted resource in Shatner.

He plays Ed, a grumpy coot who complains about anything and everything. His strapped-for-cash son Henry (Jonathan Sadowski) moves in with him.

Shatner has proven more than capable of portraying boisterous dimness in Boston Legal, and he’s alert to his leftover rep as a ponderous pontificator from his Star Trek days and his adventures in spoken-word recordings.

Shatner knows how to spoof himself, and in interviews, he’s clever and self-aware. Exactly none of these qualities are in evidence on $#*! My Dad Says. Ed is some combination of the too-clever-to-be-believed grousing father from Justin Halpern’s Twitter feed plus Archie Bunker — i.e., the sort of character that CBS’ older demo won’t find too frightening because he’s a familiar type.

But between making zucchini-as-penis jokes and ragging on Wolf Blitzer, Shatner has little to work with, and the rest of the show, from the casting to the sets, looks as if it blew its budget on Shatner’s salary. Who knows? With men of Kohan’s and Mutchnick’s talents behind it, maybe this sitcom will quickly regroup and transform into something funnier. I hope so.

However, right now, the funniest thing about $#*! My Dad Says is that CBS thought it would be a sitcom compatible with airing after The Big Bang Theory.

Did you watch $#*! My Dad Says? If so, how long did you last?

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