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Image Credit: Mike Yarish/LifetimeFor Project Runway fans, there are few things better than Tim Gunn’s Facebook vlogs, in which he offers his colorful, impassioned take on each episode. Gunn’s always frank, but lately, his vlogs have been filled with outright rants. That makes them all the more delectable for viewers, but for certain Runway execs, not so much. Apparently, his latest video diary was so juicy it ruffled some producers’ feathers before disappearing from the Tim Gunn Facebook page altogether. “There was a hurtful reaction to a couple of things I said, and that really concerned me,” Gunn told the New York Post yesterday. “That was never my intention. I thought, ‘Let me just take this down.’ Lifetime had nothing to do with it. I did it completely on my own.”

In the offending 12-minute video (which is embedded below, thanks to Viddler), the dapper mentor rails against the last episode’s disorganized, disjointed challenge, which started off as design-a-Jackie-Kennedy-costume-for-Katie-Holmes-in-her-Kennedy-family-TV-miniseries, then changed so many times throughout the course of the taping that a frustrated Gunn felt he had no choice but to intervene on the runway during judging. He calls out certain producers by name, deems the episode “a complete mess,” and finishes it off by stating that the judges need straitjackets. Zing!

This latest outburst comes on the heels of Gunn’s recent public slams of Taylor Momsen and the Salahis, whom he called “sociopaths” during an appearance on Access Hollywood to promote his book. Personally, I’m enjoying Gunn’s verbal eruptions (especially the one against those loathsome Salahis). So to answer the question in the headline of this item: No, no, and no. I say, keep speaking your mind, Tim and I’ll keep loving you for it.

What about you? What do you think of Mr. Gunn’s recent tirades?

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